SEREONIC Portable Wireless Speakers Review

4.75 Mixed Usages
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6.2 Movies:
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5.6 Podcasts
1 Voice Assistant:
Release year: 2020 Rating: 4.3 wireless speaker TV speaker best for: near field listening usage: overall

SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers is a decent sounding speaker that is available at a low cost. It can deliver crisp and clear sound so that users with hearing problems can listen. Place it close to you or a bit far away, the sound will remain loud and clear. At this price point, along with good sound quality you will also get additional controls like tone control. Use it to improve dialogue clarity. With a headphone jack, you can use the speakers for private listening. Overall, it is a versatile speaker that is great for elderly.

Our Verdict

SEREONIC Wireless TV Speaker is great for users with hearing disability. They are also ideal for users who watch TV at late night. Without disturbing others in the house, you can turn down the TV volume and increase the Sereonic Speaker volume. They are easy to setup and come with user manual with detailed information and instruction. The advantage of RF signal instead of Bluetooth is, you will not face any audio and video lag.

You can play music and movies without any issue. As long as you expect basic audio performance from these speakers, you will not be disappointed.

  • Simple setup
  • Versatile connection options
  • Elegant design
  • Decent sound quality
  • Affordable
  • Not very deep bass 
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Recommended Usage Wireless speaker
Release Year
Power Source AC & Battery
Multi-Device Pairing: N/A


Material Quality Decent
Water Resistance: No
Dust Resistance No
Floats In Water: No


RGB Light: N/A
Color Variation Black, Grey, Classic
Sizes And Variants one size


Power Source: AC & Battery
Hand Carry Yes
Weight 1.7 lbs
Volume: not specified
Connectivity: RF


Battery Powered: Yes
Battery Life 8 hours
Charging Time: 4+
Power Saving: Yes
Charging Port: USB-C


Bluetooth: N/A
Bluetooth Version: N/A
Bluetooth Range: N/A
Bluetooth iOS Latency: N/A
Bluetooth Android Latency: N/A
Multi-Device Pairing: N/A


Wi-Fi: N/A
Wi-Fi Version: N/A
Wi-Fi Frequency Band: N/A
Apple AirPlay: N/A
AirPlay Latency: N/A
Google Chromecast: N/A
Chromecast Latency: N/A


Aux Input: Yes
USB Audio: N/A
Other Ports: Yes


Ease Of Use: Great
Music Play/Pause [Button/Touch]: N/A
Call Answer/End [Button/Touch]: N/A
Volume Up/Down [Button/Touch]: Yes
Track Next/Previous [Button/Touch]: N/A
Microphone On/Off: N/A
Additional Controls: N/A


Voice Assistant: N/A
Voice Activation: N/A
Speakerphone: N/A
Alexa: No
Siri: No
Google Assistant: No
Microphone Mute: No Microphone
Far-Field Performance: No Microphone
Ambient Noise Performance No Assistant


App Name: N/A
iOS: N/A
Android: N/A
EQ: No
Stereo Pair Mode: N/A
Party Mode: N/A
Multi-Room: N/A


Frequency Response Accuracy: Mediocre
Soundstage: Decent
Dynamics: Decent


Accessories: Wireless Speaker, Transmitter, Optical Cable, 3.5mm to RCA cable, RCA splitter, Operating guide
User manual: Yes
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Details Review



SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers have a rectangular type shape that comes with a handle. It is portable and you can easily move from couch to chair. This speaker is available in three different color options: grey, classic and black. The front panel has a large volume knob for adjusting the volume and a low battery/charging indicator.

It has blue ring light around the volume knob. On one side of the speaker, it has pairing/sleep button and on the other side there is headphone port. It sits on a charging base that has multiple input options and a tone control button on the back panel.



SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers uses RF transmission to transmit audio to the speaker. They can work within 100 ft of range. On the back panel, it has a tone control with hi, med and low options. Adjust it on different level to figure out with option works best for you with optimum sound quality and good vocal clarity.

Use the large knob for volume control. The speaker’s volume works independently from the TV volume. It has Auto Sleep function where the speaker will go to sleep mode every 15 minutes. If it does not detect any signal for 1 hour, it will switch off. Lastly, make sure to convert digital audio output to PCM for the Sereonic Speakers to work.


SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers just as the name suggests is a great speaker for TVs. There are multiple connection options. It comes with detailed diagram and information regarding connectivity. You can connect using 3.5mm to RCA cable to the RCA analog out of the TV. In case the RCA is used for other device, use RCA splitters. Another method is to connect to the headphone port of the TC using RCA to 3.5mm cable. Lastly, connect the base of the speaker to the optical audio output of the TV using optical cable.

HDMI connectivity is also possible but you need to purchase an HDMI converter. If you want to connect TV Cable/Satellite Box, Set Top Box, DVD Player, Blue-ray Player or Gaming Console, use the RCA audio output.

Use case:


SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers just as the name suggests, is a great option to use as TV speakers. It is best for elderly people who have hearing problems. Users can place it just beside them on the couch. They can increase the volume of the speakers independently from the TV speakers.

This allows them to enjoy and understand movies with others in the room even when the TV volume is low. You can connect other devices like the smartphone on the back of the speaker into the audio input port.

Additional information:


The Sereonic speakers can pair with up to 10 other speakers that you can place in different places. To charge the speaker, place it on the included Base. As it charges, the LED will be green and it will blink. At medium volumes, the speaker can play up to 7.5 hours.

In case you can not hear any sound from speakers, check all the cables and make sure the speaker is within 100 ft from the base. If you can hear sound from TV but not from speakers, make sure TV audio format is in PCM mode. Also check whether the battery is low or the speaker needs charging.


This wireless TV speakers from Sereonic is available under $150. Since you do not need to purchase additional device like receiver or amplifier, there is no extra cost. The speakers are reasonably priced that gives you the option to add more Sereonic speakers.


Can I stream contents via Netflix to the SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers?

SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers will not work with Dolby digital format. To stream contents from Netflix or other apps, you need to go to the audio settings of your TV and change the format to PCM audio. If this option does not work for you, you need to purchase a Digital to Analog converter. Then convert the format to PCM, this will work for new TVS.

Can I pair SEREONIC Wireless TV Speakers to other speakers?

In order to pair Sereonic speaker with the base, you need to make sure the speaker is switched on. Then look for the pairing button, press and hold it. The volume knob will blink to indicate pairing. Then press and hold the pairing button at the back of the speaker. Once pairing is complete, the speakers will play music.

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