10 comments on “Running Wires for Surround Sound Speakers

  1. Helen

    Thank you so much for the instructions using he baseboards and carpet. I live in an apartment where I can’t go crazy and open up holes in the wall or ceiling, but I figure that I can hide wiring along the floor. I already have my speakers, but since I wasn’t sure yet what setup I was going to use, I haven’t bought the wiring yet. As soon as I do, I’ll finally have a system good enough for watching a movie even when my roommates aren’t being quiet in the kitchen.
    Helen | Raymar Electrical SalesRaymar Electrical Sales

  2. rps abq

    Whoa! Crown Molding done right is way beyond most homeowner’s ability range – takes a true carpenter who knows how to do all kinds of specialized, angled cutting, with power saws and tools. To attach it right so that the nails aren’t visible takes a high powered airgun which takes specialized finishing nails and some training on how to use the gun. A crown molding project including tools and materials therfore, would be quite an expense. So to even suggest that this is a doable project for the regular guy in an article about installing surround speakers is very misleading and totally unrealistic. More applicable to your article would be running wire through crown molding which is already there.

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