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10 comments on “How to Calibrate Surround Sound Levels

  1. Maks

    What should be the volume level on the receiver when you calibrate Speaker Lever? i.e. should I turn the volume on receiver high up ( what should be db ) before I begin calibrating..

    I started calibrating on my Yamaha receiver with the volume level ( to the one I usually listen ) and I can’t reach 75db on my SPL ( using app on my android) even after upping the speaker level to the highest.
    Can someone please advise.

    • I calibrate to 75 dB SPL on an SPL meter set to C-weighting and slow response. Set the main speaker volume on your receiver to that and calibrate your levels for the other speakers from there.

      • Mithun

        Should the receiver volume be increased or decreased for adjusting each channel? Or we should leave the AVR volume to a particular level and then increase the volume for each channel from system setup, like MCACC setup?

  2. kingmag

    If you replace a speaker in your setup, say a center channel, do you have to go thru the the whole microphone setup of calibration again, or can you just adjust manually?

    • You can do either, but you definitely need to calibrate at least the front three speakers in terms of level. If you ran an automated setup in the beginning, then I would rerun it with the new speaker(s).

  3. Jason Rybaczuk

    If I want to eq my speakers using an spl meter do I play the recievers pink noise then turn each frequency to let’s say 80 Hz so I get a flat sound

  4. Sony Thomas

    I have an onkyo amp NR 515 connected to Aquostimass 10 series IV. What should be the calibration levels set to.

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