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9 comments on “Bluetooth vs AirPlay for Streaming Music

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  2. Dan

    Thanks for the summary of bluetooth vs. wifi and their respective audio capabilities. I’ve used airplay with my home audio system for years. I am considering a desktop mobile speaker to pair with an iphone or ipad. It’s helpful to know the bluetooth technology involved.

  3. john smith

    apple tv streaming the lossless music files is the best I have heard
    and it blows the bluetooth away…I have aptx mass fidelity wireless receiver,
    but for that to work, the iPad would need aptx as well…the sound is good, but after what I heard today, thirty five years as an audiophile,
    for wireless, it is amazingly good! Sweden has a new streaming company like Spotify, but sound is twice as good! worth the $$$ if you care about sound!

  4. Adrien

    Thanks for this article, nice overview.
    I would just add that in order to use the aptX codec both the emitter and the receiver must have aptX technology, otherwise it uses a default codec.
    Also it is good to know that aptX doesn’t mean lossless: CSR offers different types of license, one of them is lossless, I guess most of the market implementation of aptX are not. Still they provide a good quality (better than default codec? I’d like to see some measurements) and especially a low latency, useful to watch movies using a bluetooth speaker.

  5. Jos

    Just bought a Bowers&Wilkins T7 that supports aptX, but found out that my Iphone 5s doesn’t. So I was pretty disappointed. After long long googling I found out that Iphone as wel as T7 support aac (Advanced Audio Coding). Aac seemes to have similar audio quality as aptX.
    Do you have specs or references about this?

  6. Sean

    I have been using apple tv to stream Spotify music through my reciever amp for years. Amazing sound. Although i ditched iphones and went back to Samsung, i still have an ipad that is dedicated to music and use the airplay. Airplay is great yet has its moments of disconnecting, yet rare. The great benefit not mentioned above is that the appleTV uses an HDMI port to send the music to my home audio system…and then to my TV. So quality of music is also maintained through the HDMI cable, and the image of the album with name of the song is broadcast on my TV. To add, any youtube video or any video for that matter is routed through my stereo and TV….making it fun for those youtube party nights. I wish android developed this type of technology. Not sure if chromecast would do somethimg similar. Maybe someone here knows. Oh and my reciever is a Dennon that when connected to the wireless router can stream spotify songs directly to it. However the app on the the stereo is much more prehistoric and not nearly as easy as using my ipad to navigate music. It was a great idea and is great if you dont have apple.products! The cost of a reciever that can play spotify directly is much cheaper than an ipad..and apple tv. Yet one could certainly buy an old iphone 4 and an apple tv for less than 200 bucks and have a dedicated high quality streaming music system

  7. BB

    I have used both AptX and Airplay (DLNA) extensively on fairly high end vintage receivers/amps and newer AV Receivers. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. To my ears AptX and Airplay/DLNA are neck and neck with Audio Quality and that to me is the bottom line. So it’s up to you to decide which YOU want to use.

    If you are streaming via smartphone, I prefer Airplay/DLNA in part because it does not interfere with Phone calls, meaning, your calls are not routed to the Bluetooth device. The problem is, only Apple iPhones or iPads or iPods have seamless Airplay transmission so that you can steam ANY audio to Airplay. Via DLAN on an Android, you can’t just stream anything via DLNA. You can’t natively stream, say, TuneIn radio via DLNA to a DLNA receiver. It is not set up that way. YET. Perhaps in the future.

    Yet, BlueTooth AptX is handy because you don’t need a Wifi network to use it. If you are in a hotel, and have an AptX receiver or Speakers, you are good to go with just your phone. I happen to have a BlackBerry Passport and these do have AptX Bluetooth built in. My iPhone? Nope, not yet. No AptX.

    So I still use both and have not decided which I like better. Both have their place.

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