JBL Flip 5 Won’t Turn On- Solution and Reasons

The JBL FLIP 5 is a speaker that will last and has a great sound. Most of the time, they work well and rarely have problems. However, as with any piece of technology, hardware or software problems can happen anytime.

But the JBL FLIP 5 speaker doesn’t always work. What do you do if your speaker won’t turn on by itself? Let’s try a few different things to figure out why the JBL Flip 5 won’t turn on.

Why won’t my JBL FLIP 5 work?

There are many things that could be wrong if your JBL FLIP 5 speaker won’t turn on. An issue with your battery is likely one of the primary culprits. There is a chance that the speaker’s battery has run out. In the worst case, you’ll need to buy a replacement.

Also, if you mistakenly put the speaker into service mode, hardly any of the buttons would therefore work and the speaker won’t turn on. By press and hold the Bluetooth and Play/Pause buttons for 10 seconds, you may place the JBL speaker in service mode (also known as secret mode).  If you did that, that might be the problem.

The fact that your JBL FLIP 5 won’t turn on could also be because of a problem with the software. Using the software (JBL Portable) on your phone, you may reset the speaker or update to a new firmware version to remedy issue.

If you dropped the JBL speaker from a great height, that could be another reason why it won’t turn on. You have to send it in for electronic repair, which is unfortunate.

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Is There A Way To Fix A JBL FLIP 5 Speaker That Won’t Turn On?

We’ve thought of a few ways to fix your JBL FLIP 5 speaker, which won’t turn on. Each of these solutions solves a different issue. If you don’t know why your JBL speaker won’t turn on, try each method until you find the right one.

Leave Service Mode

The JBL speakers offer a servicing mode that many people don’t aware of. It cannot press any buttons when in service mode.

The major sign that your speaker serves mode is that it turns on when it’s plugged into a charger but immediately turns off when you unplug it. Moreover, when the power button is touched, the speaker won’t connect to anything else or turn itself off. You need to exit service mode in order to solve this:

  1. Plug a charger into the JBL Speaker.
  2. Press and keep holding the Play/Pause and Bluetooth buttons for 10–15 seconds.
  3. The speaker will stop working and exit service mode.
  4. Take out the charger and click the start button once.
  5. Then it will power up and work as usual.

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Charge the Battery up again

JBL speakers won’t work if they don’t have enough power. Not everybody knows how and where to check if their JBL speakers still have power.

Check the LED lights on the bottom of your JBL FLIP 5 speaker to see how much charge it has. Each light that was on meant that there was 20 percent of the charge left. Whether the first LED flashes red, it means that the battery is most probably dead and needs to be charged. Here are the steps for charging a JBL FLIP 5:

  1. Put the USB-C into your JBL FLIP 5’s charging port.
  2. Then plug the other end (USB-A) of the cable into the wall charger.
  3. The power from the wall charger must be less than 3A.
  4. Plug the wall charger in an electrical socket.
  5. The JBL speaker will be fully charged after 2.5 hours.
  6. Take the charger out of the speaker and press power button to turn it on

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Resetting the JBL FLIP 5’s factory settings

A factory reset can fix everything. When you do a hard reset, all the settings will go back to the way they were when you first got the phone.

If you do a hard reset, your speaker will stop working with other devices and you will have to choose a new sound mode. Different problems can also be fixed by doing a hard reset. The first thing you should do if you have a problem with your JBL speakers is attempt this. To perform a hard reset on a JBL FLIP 5, you must:

  1. You have to hold the JBL speaker plugged into a charger because it won’t turn on.
  2. Press and push the Volume Up “+” button and also the Play/Pause button for ten seconds, then release both buttons.
  3. When the speaker turns on, you can let go of the buttons.
  4. Now, try connecting the speaker to something else and seeing if it still works.

Press All Buttons

Pressing and holding all the buttons is another way to solve a JBL FLIP 5 speaker that won’t turn on. Here’s the right way to do it:

  1. Hold down all of the speaker buttons for about 10–15 seconds.
  2. Press the power button once after a few seconds.
  3. You should turn on the speaker.
  4. To see if the problem is fixed, turn the speaker OFF and then ON again.

Replace The Battery

As we’ve already talked about, one of the main reasons a JBL FLIP 5 won’t turn on is that the battery is broken. The JBL Speakers have lithium batteries that come with them. The number of times these batteries can be charged is about 500.

The battery in your JBL speaker may be fully charged if you’ve owned it for a long time and have used it often. A single charging cycle is completed if the battery is used from 100% to 0% and then recharged back to 100%.

Whenever the lithium battery in a JBL Speaker has been charged a certain number of times, it loses most of its ability to charge. The JBL speaker will lose its ability to charge when you’re using it after this. If you’re using it a lot, the battery can run out and become useless. No sound will come out of your new JBL FLIP 5 speaker if it can’t charge or if it can’t be charged.

You could also damage the battery if you overcharge it or store the speaker at a place with a high temperature. You need to change the battery to fix this. Send it to an electronics shop, where they can help you change the battery.

Replace the Charging Port

Speakers that can’t be charged because of a bent or broken USB charging port will not turn on.

Try to clean the charging port before anything else. Clean the charging port with a gentle brush to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated inside of it. After cleaning your speaker, connect it to a power source and wait five minutes before attempting to turn it on. If everything goes well, the speaker should recharge in roughly 2.5 hours.

If it doesn’t work, it could be a problem with the charging port or the circuit board. Send this same speaker to a place that fixes electronics.

One Last Thing

All of these solutions can often fix a speaker that won’t turn on. If this doesn’t fix the problem, letting the battery run out usually works to reset the charging logic. If your speaker turns off by itself or won’t turn on, it might not be getting charged because the charging port or cable is broken. If none of our suggestions worked, you should call JBL.

Please remember that if your speaker is very old, the battery may not last as long as it used to. We would suggest a step up.


This FAQ is here to solve some of your problems. let’s find out more!

Why is my JBL Flip 5 not turning on or charging?

You might only need to fix the software on your speaker to get it to charge again. Hold down the Bluetooth and volume buttons for about 5 seconds to reset the speaker. This will work with JBL Go and JBL Flip 5. Press and hold the play, pause, and volume up buttons at the same time until the power button lights up. This will reset your JBL charge.

Can JBL Speakers be Repaired?

But first, you should check to see if the warranty on your speaker is still valid. If so, you can ask JBL to fix or replace your broken speaker if it’s still under warranty.

How do you turn on a JBL flip 5?
Here are the steps to turn on a JBL Flip 5:
  1. Hold down the speaker’s power button on the back.
  2. Press the button to turn it on. If nothing happens, all you need to do is call customer service.
  3. Press the power button next to the Bluetooth button to turn on the JBL Flip 5.