How To Reset Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker

Blackweb bluetooth speaker control and feature

Blackweb bluetooth speakers are renowned not only for their lavishing design but also for a wide range of extraordinary qualities. Solid design, long life, waterproofing, and connectivity.

In terms of connectivity, it has special features that allow you to connect to a wide range of devices, such as Androids, tablets, PCs, iPhones, and more. This makes it your best choice for a long trip or at home.

Blackweb Bluetooth speakers may be hard to fix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good audio experience. This article is the answer to all of your troubleshooting and gives you all of the solutions you need to get rid of all kinds of problems with Blackweb bluetooth speaker.

How To Reset Blackweb Bluetooth speaker

If your Blackweb Bluetooth doesn’t work or has problems with the sound, you need to figure out what’s wrong with it! The problem may be that it is being connected to a device that hasn’t been named. Better to set it back to the way it was before.

Make sure to reset your router to get rid of all the unknown devices that are connected to it. Then, you can start using it with all of your own devices like your smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Take the steps below to get over your problems:

Step 1: Turn on your Blackweb speaker

The very first thing you need to do is push the power button no matter if it is connected to any of the devices or not.

Step 2: Push and hold the Bluetooth and power button at a time

Now that the power button of your device is turned on you need to simultaneously press the power and Bluetooth button for about 3-5 seconds which will lead the path to the original settings of your device. Let go of the pressure on the buttons and the LED bulbs will blaze for a few times. It indicates that your speaker is back to the default setting. 

Step 3: Connecting to multiple devices

You are on the verge of being able to get rid of the trouble that the Blackweb speaker caused. If you want to use it, you’ll have to turn it on and connect it to the device you want. This could be your smartphone, PC, tablet, or any other device you have. When you go into settings, look for the Bluetooth tab. Then, you can connect Bluetooth to any of the devices that are nearby. If your smartphone is still not able to find the Blackweb Bluetooth connection, try restarting it and see if that helps.

Step 4: Enjoy amazing audio from the speaker

That’s all. You are all ready now to impact your mind with a magnanimous sound experience. The problem is all sorted and solved, now it’s your time to enjoy it !

Alternative option

Try pressing the volume button for about 20 seconds to see if that helps. Make sure you do it while the machine is running, and you’ll know that the job was done right because the sound will stop.

Blackweb bluetooth speaker instructions

How to clean

Clean your speaker with a pulpy cloth or towel instead of a wet one. A lot of damage can happen to your device if you use water or any other wet things to clean it up.

The charging and aux flaps should be close to the speaker so they can protect it best.

Installation instructions

The installation process demands the importance of the user. As the apparatus is capable of producing radio frequency so if not installed properly  following the instructions provided,  radioactivity may occur and damage the environment. 

If the connection of the device to TV or radio causes radioactivity the user should follow the following steps to avoid such problem:

  • Transfer the receiving antenna.
  • Keep enough distance between the apparatus and the receiver. 
  • Separate the apparatus and the receiver connection circuit. 
  • Pick the service of the nearby customer care centre for better technical help. 

Safeguards to be taken 

  • As an electrical equipment enthusiast, certain safeguards are a must before using:
  • Before you connect your device to the speaker turn the volume down to avoid damage to your auditory nerves and after connecting, increase the volume slowly to your comfort zone. 
  • Use the apparatus only for the prescribed use but not for unauthorised accessories vetoed by the Blackweb.
  • Blackweb is not to be accused of any damage to your PC, smartphone or any other devices. 
  • Avoid settling the apparatus in such a place from where it may fall or sink and always place it on a dry surface. 
  •  Let not water or any other liquid come in touch with the apparatus and keep it away from the children.
  • Impaired cord, cable or plug can seriously harm  your device.
  •  Try avoiding its placement in a heat area or surface.

How to disconnect

A 3 seconds long pressing of the bluetooth button is your way to disconnect your device .

POWER BUTTON:Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn the device ON/OFF.
VOLUME UP +:Short press (< 0.5s) the button to turn up volume. Press and hold the button (2s) to go to

the next track.

VOLUME DOWN Short press (< 0.5s) the button to turn down volume. Press and hold (2s) the button to go

to the previous track

DisconnectionLong press the bluetooth button for 3 seconds

How to turn on Blackweb bluetooth speaker

In order to turn it on there is a power button at the top of the apparatus and you need to hold that power button for two seconds.Now you see a blue light flashing and then it becomes prepared to pair. 

Final remarks

To recapitulate, we assure that this is an in-depth guide to your Blackweb maintenance and  connectivity. It’s no surprise that Blackweb occupies the marketplace and buzzes around as quality itself speaks louder than anything. Users often get frustrated regarding the connectivity with various devices but if you read the article with all your attention, there should be no concern left with factory resetting, sound or connectivity issues. However, we widely recommend that you follow our safeguards and instructions quite attentively to protect your Blackweb and optimise to your best. 


How do you reset a Blackweb RGD a013 Bluetooth speaker?

Ans: Power on > Press the power and bluetooth button at a time for 3-6 seconds> Press the bluetooth button

How do I put my Blackweb speaker into pairing mode?

Ans:  First of all, Go to the Settings of your device, Next, Find the Bluetooth speaker.  You can find it out at the top or just press the icon or go to Settings > connection>  press the bluetooth icon .Now It will start searching the device, all the nearby devices will emerge on your screen. Finally, turn on the bluetooth speaker and connect it to the pair.

Why does my Blackweb Bluetooth speaker keep turning off?

Ans: Well, it may occur due to the battery issue, or the inbuilt feature of your smart phone that halts the bluetooth after a certain period. There is no need to turn the bluetooth feature on all the time as it hampers the battery life. Better turn it on when needed and keep off until you are using the feature. If the issue is with the battery try replacing it. 

Why doesn’t my bluetooth device connect?

Ans: Typical connection problems occur due to devices not being in pairing mode or being unable to find devices that are out of range. To sort this type of problem try resetting your device or let it forget the connection, restart and reconnect it.