Polk Soundbar Keeps Turning Off

Polk Soundbar Keeps Turning Off

People who buy Polk Soundbars like them because they are strong and make good-quality sound. There are many different types and models of Polk soundbars.

Everyone can use them for movies, games, and TV. This brand makes soundbars that sound great even without surround sound speakers, so you don’t have to buy them. There is also a good Bluetooth connection between them.

Furthermore, the soundbars also have a lot of physical connections. People who buy Polk soundbars can be sure that they will last. Even so, sometimes the users may have problems with their computers or other things. For instance, the Polk soundbar turns itself off and on all the time. It breaks off from the source.

The command for making things is to blame if it happens after a long time. More often than not, the soundbar turns itself off while you’re watching a movie or after a short break. It’s possible that there is a problem with the soundbar and it needs to be fixed.

We have some very good ideas for you. Some Polk soundbars don’t work well with them.

Why Does Polk Sound Bar Keeps Turning Off?

When you’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with your soundbar, you need to think about a lot of things.

First, it is good to check the power supply and see if enough voltage is trying to reach your device. This is done now, so you can start moving on to troubleshooting the sound bar.

It’s important to see what other people have done to get into trouble:

1. There is a problem with a Power Source.

A problem with your soundbar’s power outlet or not enough voltage could cause your device to shut down at any time.

2. Remote Issue

If your remote is running low on batteries, it could make the soundbar do things that aren’t supposed to happen, like change the power state.

3. The Power Adapter Won’t Work

A problem with your soundbar’s power adapter could be the source of the problem, not you. You can’t rule out this chance until you change it.

4. Wireless Issue

As long as your soundbar is connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it could turn off if it was cut off.

5. Hardware Problem

Finally, there could be a hardware problem with your soundbar that is making it turn off.

As soon as you figure out what could be the problem, you can start the troubleshooting guide. Let’s get started right away!

Power Reset your Soundbar

We think that powering down your soundbar will solve the problem.

A power cycle would be a good idea if that problem is caused by a bug or glitch in your soundbar’s software. This would restart all the services on your soundbar, so it would fix the problem.

Check out this part on how to power reset your sound bar.

  • Do not plug in your soundbar’s power adapter to the wall outlet.
  • When your soundbar is completely drained, wait for about 5 minutes.
  • Connect the power adapter to the power source again.
  • Run a test to see how well it works.
  • Turn on your sound bar and then use it for a while to see if it still shuts down.

Check the Power Outlet

Take a look at the power outlet that the Polk soundbar is attached to. If the power isn’t strong enough, it might not be able to turn on. It shuts off again and again if the power keeps going out.

This is why we suggest plugging the soundbar into a different outlet to see if that helps.

The steps to plug your Polk soundbar into another source are simple and easy to follow:

  • Remove the power adapter for your soundbar from the power brick.
  • When you find a new power source, you can plug your soundbar in.
  • Place the device and link the power components in the same way they were before.
  • It’s time to turn on your device and see how it works out.

Replace Soundbar Power Components

The power source of your device is made up of two separate parts.

It starts with a power adapter, which connects to the power brick. Then, the power brick connects to the soundbar.

We think you should get a new power supply for the soundbar to fix the problem. Look at this 1SV AC/DC adapter. It’s meant to replace Polk audio signals.

Connect the power adapter to both the brick and the power source. Then, connect the power brick to the sound bar.

Disable the Auto Shutoff Feature

This trick works for 4 hours. Auto shut down can be turned off. Polk’s soundbar won’t turn itself off in 4 hours, and it won’t. However, it will go into “standby mode” after the set time.

  • For 10 seconds, press and hold the “Power” button and the “Volume Down” button at the same time.
  • Auto shut-off won’t happen for the next 4 hours. You can do this again.
  • Always keep in mind that you must push these buttons on the soundbar itself rather than on the remote control.

Change the Settings on Your TV

This may be because your TV has some settings that aren’t right. Try changing some settings on your TV to try and fix this. It’s very easy.

  • Open the TV menu.
  • Go to the ‘Sound’ setting.
  • Change the response time to 20mS by going to “Response time.”

Connect Soundbar to A Receiver

It is conceivable that your Polk soundbar may shut down after a period of inactivity if it has lost connection with its receiver. Depending on the connection you’re using for the soundbar, you should double-check to make sure everything is working properly.

Using Wired Connection

First, connect the First end of your soundbar’s digital optical cable to the rear of your receiver before connecting the connection to the soundbar itself. Wait for your receiver to identify the source before proceeding.

Using Wireless Connection

On your receiver, go to the Bluetooth settings and make sure that your soundbar is there. Make sure that it is.┬áIn your receiver’s options, look for the Bluetooth connection and start a connection with the device. Hold on a second.

With the steps above, you ought to be able to connect your Polk soundbar to a receiver quickly. When it’s connected, watch to see if it will disconnect and then shut down, or if it will shut down without disconnecting at first.

Reset Your Polk Soundbar

Resetting the soundbar is the best thing to do. A lot of problems will be solved by this solution, and it is very likely that it works. It’s possible that your Polk soundbar is acting weird because of a software glitch.

All the bugs will be removed if you do a “reset.” The device is updated and starts working well again. In order to reset your Polk soundbar, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Before anything else, turn off the sound bar.
  • Press the “Stop” button for a few seconds.
  • When the screen says “INIT OK,” you can let go of the button.
  • When it’s a while, turn on the sound bar.

You can now pair it with your TV or connect it to another device. This also works with older Polk soundbars that don’t have a screen.

Final Words

If your Polk soundbar keeps turning itself off, you can try power cycling the device and plugging the device into a different outlet to fix it, so that it doesn’t happen again. Then, you can change out the power adapter. If nothing else works, you can try to factory reset your Polk sound bar.

You now know why the Polk sound bar keeps turning off. You should be able to figure out how to fix it. Thanks for reading, and we hope our article was useful in solving your issue.


What is VoiceAdjust on Polk soundbar?

VoiceAdjust technology has made it easier for you to hear all of the important dialogue you’ve been missing out on because of your hearing aids. Quick Control: This is how it works. At the touch of a button, you can change the volume of your voice. A lot of information about the sound. It doesn’t matter what you’re watching. You can enjoy a more immersive audio experience simply put.

How do I reset my Polk Signa S2 sound bar?

Find the “power,” “source,” and “volume up” buttons on your Polk Signa S2 soundbar and keep them down together. There are two ways to find these buttons. You can find them on the control panel or on the remote. In order to start over, press all three of eachother down together for 10 seconds.

How do I reset my Polk Omni SB1 plus?

Here’s how to reset Polk Omni SB1/SB1+ to its factory settings

  • Power on.
  • Press and hold the power button until the lights go out.
  • Press the Wi-Fi button until three chimes sound.
Why is my sound bar not working?

If you’ve connected your TV to the soundbar with a cable, but there’s no sound, the most likely thing is that the cable isn’t connected correctly or that it’s broken. In the next step, make sure that the TV’s speaker option is set to external as well as check again to see if you can hear anything.

How do I sync my Polk soundbar?

In order to sync your surround speakers, press and hold the SYNC button for three seconds on each one of them. The green LED on the back of the surround speaker will start blinking faster, which means that the sound bar and the speaker are connected. When the LED is connected, it stays green.

How do you reset a soundbar?

Here’s how to set the soundbar back.

  • Press and hold the + (volume up) button, the (power) button, and the (input select) button on the device for more than five seconds to start over. This will reset the device.
  • Remove the AC power cord.
  • It’s time to plug the AC power cord back in. Press the (power) button to start the unit.
  • Orange lights on Polk soundbars tell you what is going on with them.
  • In this case, “source 1” is a PCM. An LED with just one green light means “source 1” is a Dolby Digital player.
What does green light on Polk soundbar mean?

If the soundbar is receiving an audio signal encoded using Dolby Digital, a single green light indicates that the soundbar is receiving the signal, and a single purple light indicates that one of the soundbar’s four audio modes is active (movie, music, night effect, or voice adjust).