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NFL Sunday Ticket Available without DirecTV Subscription

Over the years, several people have asked me “Can I get the NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV ?” As it turns out, yes. Sort of. In some areas and with some conditions attached. Basically, the NFL Sunday Ticket, a very popular DirecTV sports package, will be offered (conditionally) as a standalone subscription. This is the first time this has ever been made available without a DirecTV subscription (for obvious reasons—I think I know of at least three people who would ditch DirecTV in a heartbeat if they could get the Sunday Ticket and just use an antenna). The new service streams over the Internet and will let users (even non DirecTV users) stream NFL Sunday Ticket games to their Mac OS X and iOS devices.

DirecTV has been keeping this on the down-low, but if you visit, you’ll see some more details emerge. In particular, here’s what you need to know:

  • Full NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV access starts at $199.99
  • You can stream live, out-of-market NFL games on
  • Eligible accounts do NOT require a DIRECTV satellite TV subscription
  • You can check your eligibility online.

Eligibility for NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV

You Must Either:

  1. Live in an apartment building where DIRECTV service is not available
  3. Live in the following metro areas: New York City, Philadelphia, or San Francisco.

What’s the Big Deal?

Streaming the NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV would let you access live, out-of-market NFL games without a satellite TV account. Logging in to would let you use your computer, tablet, phone, or game console to watch just about any NFL game you wanted as well as check out real-time player stats and fantasy team stats.

Ineligible NFL Sunday Ticket

My ineligible notification: Sorry, you lose! You must pay for a monthly DirecTV subscription in order to access the NFL Sunday Ticket. No soup for you!

This isn’t the first time that the NFL Sunday Ticket has been accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices, but it always required a monthly subscription to DirecTV’s satellite cable service. This is the first time it’s been made available to solo consumption. While it’s just a start, I believe the wave of interest that should be shown may be all it takes for even DirecTV to understand the market potential and look for excuses to open it up further and lift more restrictions.

The lowest tier plan, available for $199.99, allows NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV access on computers, tablets, and phones, while a $239.99 console plan let’s you access the service on console devices. The MAX plan is priced at $329.99 and lets you access it on any device as well as providing you with the Red Zone Channel. I’m a big fan of the Red Zone channel, which shows the end of every scoring drive (touchdowns and field goals) from every single NFL game. It’s like NFL for ADHD adults…The MAX service also gets you access to the DirecTV Fantasy Zone, with live looks at fantasy plays. Real-time stats and scores and player tracking are provided with all of the plans. Getting NFL Sunday Ticket without DirecTV is a real win for consumers. Let’s just hope the offer expands over the coming years.

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  1. Rick

    Hey Clint ,
    I moved so I had to go through the aggravation of getting approved again but this I forgot to do it through Rocu, will it still come through roku
    because tonight they are allowing us to see the final preseason game!
    Will I be ok?

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