How to Pair Skullcandy Jib Wireless Earbuds

When someone gets a new pair of earbuds, one of the very first things they do is connect them to a device. The sooner you do it, the faster you can start using what you’ve bought. Your Skullcandy Jib wireless earbuds arrived, and now you’re wondering how to connect them with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Skullcandy wireless headphones might be tricky to pair if you’re not familiar with the technique. In this article, we’ll show you how to connect Bluetooth devices to Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds.

Things to Know Before Pairing

Make sure the matching happens as expected by following these simple guidelines:

  • Your wireless earbuds should be fully charged, if possible.
  • You can try to connect the devices without turning the earbuds off and on again. But if you did that, your chances of success would go up.
  • In general, the device you want to connect to the earbuds must be as close to the earphones as possible.
  • Skullcandy’s Jib Wireless headphones will only be coupled with one item at a time. Once the headphones are reset, you can connect them to another device.
  • Once you turn on Bluetooth, you’ll have about 5 minutes to connect the devices. If you wait longer, one of the devices might not be able to find the other.

Why Is My Jib Wireless Not Connecting?

Here are some possible reasons why the Jib Wireless isn’t connecting.

  • Sometimes, the earbuds will get paired with another Bluetooth device nearby. Find the “intruder” by looking at the list of Bluetooth devices. The phone or laptop should also be unpaired with any other devices.
  • Have you fully charged your Skullcandy Jib Wireless earbuds?
    If they don’t, their processor may well not work right, which is why they’re having trouble pairing.
  • You can try removing the earbuds from the list of devices that are paired with the phone (or laptop). Just tap on the information icon and choose “unpair.” Then you can try to connect the two devices again.
  • Sometimes, it might help to turn off your Wi-Fi. Bluetooth sends signals using the 2.4GHz radio frequency. If your Wi-Fi is using the same range, it could be making it hard to pair devices.
    Turn off the Wi-Fi, pair the devices, and then turn the Wi-Fi back on.
  • Bluetooth connections can also be messed up by microwaves and certain materials, like plaster. Just move the devices to another room or even outside and try to connect them there.

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Pair Skullcandy JIB True Wireless Earbuds

Excitement is always there when you buy a new gadget or Bluetooth accessory. Even if you’ve never used a smartphone or a pair of wireless headphones before, there’s a sense of excitement when you do. Since they are Skullcandy’s first truly wireless headphones, the Jib Wireless Earbuds are even more exhilarating than previous models.

Simple instructions are provided below for connecting any Bluetooth device to your JIB True Wireless headphones.

Step 1: Turning on JIB True Wireless Earbuds

The JIB True Wireless Earbuds must be turned on before they can be paired with another Bluetooth device. As soon as you take these from the charging case, they’ll be powered up and ready to go! Make sure the earphones are charged and that you will be following the instructions properly if you are having trouble turning them on.

Step 2: Pairing Mode

Place your JIB True Wireless Earbuds in the charging case without sealing it to make sure they are in pairing mode. Taking the case off of the earbuds causes the blue light on each to flash and syncs them to each other. Putting them in pairing mode will allow them to be linked to a Bluetooth device.

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Step 3: Connecting to a Bluetooth Device

The left bud started flickering red and blue, and you could hear the voice “Pairing” when the two bud were connected. Any Bluetooth-enabled device may be connected to the headphones at this stage.

How to pair Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds to iPhone/iPad

If you want to connect the JIB Wireless Earbuds to an iPhone or iPad, the method is very similar to pairing some other Bluetooth device. Make sure that both your phone and your earbuds are on and in the “pairing” mode. Follow the given steps above to start pairing the earbuds.

  1. Now, turn on Bluetooth on both the iPhone and the iPad.
  2. Go to Settings, then Bluetooth, and look for “JIB True” in the list of devices.
  3. Now, from the list, choose “JIB True.”
  4. If your screen gives you a choice, press “OK” or “Pair.”
  5. You will hear the word “Completed” when the connection is made.

Now that you’ve connected your JIB true earbuds to your iPhone or iPad, you can listen to music, watch movies, or talk on the phone.

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How to pair Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds to Android Phone

If you have an Android phone and want to couple your JIB Wireless Earbuds with it, the process is a little different. Make sure that both your phone and your earbuds are on and in the “pairing” mode. Connect your earphones by following the instructions above.

  1. Open the scroll bar at the top.
  2. To turn it on, click the Bluetooth icon.
  3. Now, go to Settings > Connections > Bluetooth.
  4. Look for “JIB True” in the Bluetooth menu.
  5. Tap the “JIB True” earbuds to get them to work together.
  6. You will hear someone say “Connected.”

How to pair Skullcandy JIB wireless earbuds to a Laptop or PC

If you want to connect your JIB Wireless Earbuds to a laptop or PC, the process is quite similar to every other Bluetooth device. Make sure your computer has Bluetooth turned on and is in pairing mode, and that both your computer and your earbuds are turned on and also in pairing mode. Now, do these things to hook up your earbuds to your computer:

  1. To open the Bluetooth settings, take a glance for the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and otherwise menu bar and click on it.
  2. Find your “JIB True” earbuds in the list of “Available Devices” under “Devices” and click “Pair.”
  3. Now, just follow the instructions on the screen to finish pairing.
  4. Whenever the connection is made, the voice will say “Connected.”

Now that you’ve connected your JIB True Earbuds to your computer, you can easily listen to music, watch movies, and talk on the phone.

How Can I Use My Skullcandy Jib Wireless Headphones in Solo Mode?

Skullcandy Jib Wireless earbuds could be used on their own or with a device (in solo mode). If you have a Bluetooth device, you can link up to two earphones or just a single earpiece with it.

To use one of the earbuds, you must first link the earphones to the primary device as we have previously explained above. One of your earbuds should be returned to the case after a successful pairing. Unlike many other earbuds on the market, another in your ear will stay connected to the smartphone and work properly.

Due of this feature’s nature, your earphones’ usefulness is dependent on which one you choose to use. It’s only possible to go ahead and raise the volume if you’re wearing the correct earpiece at the time.

How to reset Skullcandy JIB Wireless Earbuds

If you are having trouble with the Skullcandy JIB Wireless Earbuds, you could perhaps reset them. To do this, you need to take these easy steps:

  1. Initially, you need to take the earbuds off of the device you paired them with.
  2. Now, press the main button on both earbuds for 4 seconds to turn them off.
  3. After you turn it off, hold down the main button for 10 seconds, until the red light starts to flash.
  4. Reinstall them in their holder to complete the reset.
  5. Now, your earbuds have been successfully reset.

You can now try again to connect them to a new Bluetooth device.

Parting Words

In this post, we talked about how to get Skullcandy Jib wireless earbuds to work together. It’s a little different for each phone or computer, but in general, you need to turn on your earbuds, put them in Bluetooth pairing mode, and then connect them to devices that support Bluetooth.

If you carefully follow these steps, you should be able to connect them and enjoy your music, movies, as well as calls. If you’re having trouble, try turning the earbuds off and on again to see if that helps.


How to turn off JIB earbuds outside the case?

There is a technique to switch off your JIB earphones without having to open their casing. To turn off each bud, just hold down the main button for 4 seconds.

What is the battery life of JIB earbuds?

When fully charged, JIB earbuds can play music for about 22 hours.

Can I use these earbuds while charging?

No, the earbuds can’t be used while they’re charging. Before you can use them again, you have to wait until they are fully charged.

If it flashes red and blue, it is in pairing mode and needs to connect to your device. Holding down the power button for an extra second after turning on the computer might result in this.