4 comments on “Are Dual HDMI Outputs on My Receiver Needed?

  1. Aaron

    Great article. Succinct and precise explanation. Well done. Thanks. Dual HDMI great option for master bedroom setup with TV in the bathroom.

  2. Steven

    I have two tvs separately side by side for gaming and sports/TV. I currently have everything (cable, Xbox, Wii U, chromecast) run through a 2 hdmi output box (brand: matrix hdmi splitter). It’s works… but was clearly worth the 40 bucks spent. What would you recommend to control two separate tvs, simultaneously? I like to switch Xbox and tv all the time depending on what I care to watch in what tv.

  3. Tommy

    Hi Clint,
    I have a question that I have been trying to get an answer too for a while. If I use a 2nd HDMI “Output” to an “Input” on a second receiver, will the sound be synced? Currently, I have a cable box for music in the living room using the HDMI and use the RCA outs on same cable box to another amp that powers indoor and outdoor kitchen speakers. The problem is that the sound is off about 1/2 second and it is annoying if you have both volumes up. I was hoping I could mirror the sound from main amp to another amp with them synchronized perfectly. Thanks!

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