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13 comments on “How Much Amplifier Power Do I Need?

  1. Tawthagyi

    Jason Roy….. The author is talking about sound level at a very huge stadium which holds usually over 60 thousands audience. Just imagine professional amps running between 4000 to 8000 watts per amplifier. Just 50 of them easily reach to 250k watts. Outdoor venue sound require usually minimum 4 watts per audience. Then if it is more than 60k audience 240k watts will be minimal requirement. An example would be Bon Jovi concert in Newzeland in 2010 which use 800 thousand watts of audio. So do you still thinks 250 k watts is impossible number for a sound system.

    • MR.Bill

      I have a great system for my home and it kicks, A Berihnger NU-6000, New Peavey speaker PV215, 4 Ohm, Behringer EUROLIVE VP2520 4 Ohm speaker, both theses speakers are in parallel into my old Yamaha concert series 15″ bass reflex cabinets with a about a 24″ horn – 8 Ohm. How do I test out wattage being used. I’m sure it’s close to 400 watt with gain half way on amp.

  2. James O'Brien

    I have an old pair of audio physic speakers rated at 10-140w ,4 ohm
    I have been offered a musical fidelity Tri vista 300 which puts out 600w at 4 ohms.
    In normal lounge room usage at quiet to moderate volumes am I going to kill my speakers or is this a good thing to have a huge amount of power in reserve ?

  3. Jesse

    I have a 90W RMS/ch amplifier, and my choices of speakers are one with 120W (92db) and the other with 90W (89db). Which speaker would better match my amp ?

  4. Muhd Danial

    Hi, I have some questions. What will happen if I connect my stereo amplifier with speakers that have same impedances but different wattages? Does the amplifier will balances? And, could it effect the amplifier perfomances? In my case, I connect the left channel output with an 8 ohms 3 watts speaker and the right output with same 8 ohms but 5 watts speaker. These happens after I hit a high volume limits by using only one speaker and it blown up. I replace the blown speaker with a speaker that are same impedance but different wattage.

  5. Johnny

    I have an outdoor area with 6 x 8ohms 100 watt speakers can you help me calculate the correct Amplifier Watt’s I will need to support all 6 speakers

  6. John

    Can you help? I need to buy a new amp to power my old Tannoy 611 speakers (bi-wired); I think they’re rated at 6 ohms but I can’t find the original spec. The room is 17sqm. I play mainly soft rock and classical cds through a Cambridge Audio DVD85 player. What power rating should I look for on a good budget amp?
    Thanks in anticipation,

  7. Varsi Klatzkin

    I’m sure you could help me just not sure if this type of question is in your wheelhouse. We have outdoor activities where we have 4 or so 65 w speakers attached to a Rasio Shack 250 w amp. This has worked fine for 15 years but now the amplifier has blown… This is an outdoor application, do you have any suggestions on what kind of an a.m. would work… We have a microphone hooked up to it also. Not much info I know, just throwing it out there to see if anyone can offer any suggestions. Thanks so much for any help.

  8. Dave

    Hi there, I have purchased 4no. 300watt 4ohm speakers for an outside patio area and want a decent amplifier to drive them. The music will definitely be dynamic on most occassions when my son and daughter are home. Please help me to get this right or my wife will possibly kill me. I would like to be able to play music through Bluetooth from a phone or ipad too so could you suggest cheapest option for doing this? Thanks in advance.

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