Hisense vs TCL TV

If you’re looking for a new television set that offers a great picture quality for a lower price, your two best bets are going to have to be either Hisense and TCL. Although both of these brands neither have the overwhelming reputation of Sony or Samsung, Hisense and TCL have set footprints and also have marked glorious service records over the years. . Normally you get what you pay for, but with Hisense and TCL, you actually end up getting quite a fair bit more.

TV satisfaction refers to great pictures with reasonable prices. Hisense and TCL are among the best TV brands . Both of these brands peak in popularity but when it comes to choosing one of these brands it becomes a hectic task for the TV lovers, so in this article I will point out the key advantages that the two of the brands provide. To find out the triumph between the two of the best TV conglomerates, this article aims to point out categorically what Hisense and TCL have to offer for the consumers. The categorical discussion includes the price, picture quality, and technological features.

Hisense Vs. TCL: Price

For many people, price is very important criteria  for choosing a TV brand. It’s being noted that both Hisense and TCL come with a comfortable price range for the customers, but surely the price tags are not equal.

In terms of price range,  TCL provides more elasticity for the customers and turns up as the winner in the competition against Hisense in terms of price. Hisense provides comparatively a bit expensive brands like the  65” Quantum Dot but for 4K UHD TVs, Hisense brands cost $50 to $100 more compared to the TCL TVs.

Hisense’s popular brand, like the  50H8F model is a well known 50 inch 4K set. If we compare this with that of TCL’s 50 inch 4K set known as the 49S325 then the later one comes with a low price tag. 

Many of the online marketplaces often offer 30 inch Hisense TV (1080p) models at a cheaper rate but overall if you want to buy large screen UHD TVs then TCL will be your best choice. 

Hisense Vs. TCL: Picture Quality

Picture quality is the key to TV experience satisfaction. Hisense and TCL may not provide you the best of the picture qualities, but they still offer great picture quality at an affordable price. 

It is phenomenal to think of getting TVs with large screens associated with UHD and HDR and perfect color accuracy at an affordable price range. 

We can discuss a few flaws of the brands here as well. In terms of picture quality, they are quite similar. So before you opt to buy one of these brands you need to have an expectation that matches the price range of the brands. In case of brightness it would be wise to lower your expectation and to not compare the brightness quality to that of TVs that are expensive.  

It actually refers to Hisense and TCL brands are unable to offer you an optimal image and it happens when you watch TV from angles or locations which directly do not face the TV screen. The lower brightness makes TV pictures more of a muted type and unclear in terms of viewer’s experience. 

Although most of the low price TV brands have these issues, in fact, TCL still manages to offer quite impressive picture quality compared to other low cost TV brands. 

The TCL Class 6 Series provides you with quite good color uniformity along with a great contrast ratio. That means that the Class 6 series of TCL displays quite amazing and good looking blacks in addition to brighter and richer colors that span the entire spectrum. Especially, for this reason, TCL produces better pictures compared to even the best pictures provided by the Hisense brands. 

Many of the TCL TV  models use vertical alignment panel displays, which result in better contrast ratio and vivid colors to enhance the quality of the picture.Local dimming is a feature that works to improvise the darkness and black details on your TV screen. This feature is best found in TCL TVs. 

Another quality feature that works to better picture quality is known as Motion handling. Along with game mode it plays a role to enable TVs for smooth gameplay. Both game mode and motion handling are key parts in improvising gaming quality along with motion blur. Motion blur ensures that the picture quality remains clear even at a fast frame or refresh rate.

While we talk of refresh rate, this is also another key feature to look for if you are a gaming enthusiast. Its unit is Hz and there are 60 to 120 Hz models available in the market. But if you ask for my suggestion, I would suggest 120 Hz as this level provides the best performance. 

Hisense Vs. TCL: Technological Features

It’s true that UHD and HDR are two technological features that bring you amazing TV picture quality. These two features define cutting edge TVs nowadays,however, modern TVs are judged highly based on their quality of smart TV features. You will be happy to know that both Hisense and TCL both are pretty good in providing UHD and HDR picture features, but still there are small differences that separate the two. 

One of the key differences that alienate Hisense and TCL in terms of smart TV functions is that Hisense uses Android for its Smart TV OS and TCL generally uses Roku. TCL is a bit ahead of Hisense with smart TV features because of the Roku system. If you are not used to the Android system or want to have most of the streaming app in your TV system, then TCL will be your go to option. 

 To discuss the better user-interface, I vote for Hisense. The Android OS is effectively adjusted to the Hisense brands so that it makes the menus look more natural. On an additional note, the Android functionality paves way for better and easier connectivity with modern features like the Alexa, Chromecast and Google Assistant.

Hisense TVs also possess additional life features. Almost most of the time, Hisense TVs have an additional HDMI port or an extra USB port compared to TCL. Hisense TVs also have better artificial intelligence (AI) that will automatically correct and improve the darkness of the screen to fit what you are viewing.

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Hisense Vs. TCL: Durability

One of the biggest concerns of people when buying a new brand of TV set is about longevity. Frequently, they keep on asking about the warranty years. The fear of needing to replace a TV set after one or two years is pretty overwhelming. However, in the case of TCL and Hisense you can keep yourself relaxed about this issue, but to compare, TCL does provide better longevity due to its build quality. 

You will find it tough to find their difference at the first glance, but TCL sets comparatively provide better leg stands and have frame casings that are more durable compared to the Hisense one. 

The lion’s share of the durability depends on the design and build. Both TCL and Hisense are durable and have consolidated longevity. Their bodies are developed generally from plastics (durable plastic). They will last years for your use. Important to note that TCL has a bit thicker profile compared to that of Hisense. The advantage of a thicker screen is that it provides strength and longevity to the TV but at the same time it occupies more space. To sum up, in terms of durability the TCL TVs have the upper hand slightly. 

Another key thing that plays a role in determining TV durability is the warranty. Generally, long warranty comes with high expenses, but here we will look at the TCL and Hisense brands and how they cope up with warranty given that they offer more affordable TV.

For many instances, the warranty period is closely connected with the product quality that the TV is built on.  Typically, both the TCL and Hisense TVs offer a 1 year warranty to its users which may not be satisfactory too many of the users.

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Sound Quality

People deliberately judge TV quality based on the pictures and moving images, that is why they tend to focus mainly on the specs of these features. However, it’s important to get a clear idea of the audio quality of your TV if you want your overall experience to be amazing. The contemporary TV sets aim to have good sound as well, so they come with built-in speakers that directly impact the sound quality. 

Expensive brands like the Sony and Samsung have incorporated advanced speakers such as the Harman Kardon and also surround sound technology. You may not find these features in cheaper TCL and Hisense brands, but overall the features you get will satisfy you in terms of price range. 

The more expensive brands possess more advanced features like Harman Kardon speakers and many of them even come with surround sound technology to enhance the listening experience of the speakers. However, keep note that common TCL and Hisense TV brands may not offer these high quality technological features, but you will find them in some of them. 

To give a verdict on sound quality, if you are a movie lover you would like to take a chance with Hisense in terms of audio quality as they come with stereo speakers that have a huge impact on sound quality. TCL also comes with standard soundbars that provide satisfactory sound quality for the users. Sometimes, the TCL TV, when paired with their soundbars may exceed the sound quality of Hisense even.

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General connectivity features are present in both Hisense and TCL TVs. The question might be which one has relatively easier connectivity? Apart from the common connectivity features, some advanced models of Hisense and TCL offer more than one HDMI port that enhances the compatibility of these brands .

We suggest you look for advanced wireless connections such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or both. Other brands that are pricier will definitely offer all the above, and our experts found it great that these more affordable options can still bring this element of convenience.

Pricier TV sets have wireless connections e.g. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or both, which may not be available for cheaper TV sets, but our research says that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is available for both TCL and Hisense. 

It’s important to note that wireless connectivity paves the path for hassle free pairing between devices given the availability of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi support systems. Both TCl and Hisense also possess USB ports that offer fast media file playback. 


By comparing a wide range of both Hisense and TCL products, we came to be decisive that both TCL has got the better design, especially the wooden cabinet design is mesmerizing. 

TV Types

Both TCL and Hisense offer a variety of TVs to their customers.  To commence with, QLED TVs are highly popular and technologically more advanced. The QLED TVs use the Quantum Dot to bring more colorful hues that directly impact in making the picture quality better. Next we can mention the ULED TVs. ULED means Ultra Light-Emitting Diodes. ULED TVs enhance the brightness of pictures and also provide better resolution for maximum TV sizes. 

At present, TCL doesn’t produce ULED TVs, but if you are in an emergency, you can find these models from Hisense. However, both Hisense and TCl are producing UHD or Ultra High Definition TVs.  UHD TVs encompass both 4K and 8K resolution. 

Curved TV sets are the recent phenomenon which are buzzing around the market. Curved TVs provide both large and small screen TVs. To get a better impact, it is preferable that you choose larger TV screens. The question may arise: what are the benefits of curved TVs? Well, they have a lot. 

Firstly, it directly impacts your viewing angle, providing you with a larger field of vision. No matter wherever you sit in your room, at any corner, at any angle you will find it comfortable watching your TV screen. Be happy to know that both TCL and Hisense are producing curved TVs currently. 

So, in terms of TV types, Hisense is offering you with more options like the ULED TV which TCL has not yet adopted. So, Hisense is a bit ahead in this category. 

Which is better, TCL or Hisense?

Although both TCL and Hisense are popular brands and they are relatively affordable among other TV brands in the market, TCL is better than Hisense in the sense that Hisense produces ULED TV . Meanwhile, TCL has better build, design, picture quality, and technology. For all these reasons, TCL is the superior between TCL and Hisense. 

Is TCL a brand of  Hisense?

No, TCL and Hisense are separate brands. They are developed by independent companies. Both these companies are renowned in developing affordable, high quality TVs. For your information, both these brands are Chinese and are exported to other countries. 

Final Verdict

It’s quite hard to make a choice between TCL and Hisense as both brands offer a lot of features compared to their relatively low price. But when I need to decide between these two, I would go for TCL. Hisense TV sets are fantastic with their key features like the Android OS interface, elegant design and advanced remote controllability but in terms of two important factors like the price and picture quality, TCL must be the winner declared by me against Hisense.