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Emulates EDID information allowing maximum video display performance when using extenders or other devices that do not support EDID communication

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The VGA EDID Feeder is designed to emulate the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) information of a display and is perfect for use with a VGA extension solution or other VGA device that does not support EDID pass through. EDID contains information about the capabilities of a display, including maximum supported resolution, color characteristics, etc., which allows a source device and display to operate at their highest collective performance level. Without the addition of the VGA EDID feeder, the video system performance may be limited to a lower video resolution than the maximum capability of the display.The VGA EDID Feeder contains pre-programmed EDID information and is able to read and store the EDID information from a display while also providing the ability to modify EDID information and upload that revised information to a display. The EDID Feeder offers up to 14 different resolutions and three modes of adjustment. The rotary switch provides manual selection of resolutions while a set of DIP switches allows for the selection of three modes, PC Mode AV Mode or Memory Mode, for support of the capabilities of the attached display. Additionally, the EDID Feeder is able to write the copied or pre-programmed EDID information to a video extension system.Note: For proper operation of the EDID Feeder, VGA cables that support EDID signals must be used. * Download a version of the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab * Download a version of the manual from the Support


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Live Audio/Video|EDID Feeders
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