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Tributaries T10 10 Outlet Power Strip

10 outlet power strip with 5 rotating outlets

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Retail Price: $100.00


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Many AC power strips that are available today have a fixed array of outlets many with insufficient spacing for wall-warts. The Tributaries® T10 has been designed to accommodate these types of power supplies and variable plug-in arrangements by having two rows of 5 outlets, five of which can be rotated up to 90°. The remaining five fixed outlets have safety shutters. For ease of use, the T10 has a resettable circuit breaker built in to the Power push-button. Two LEDs are provided to indicate proper operation: a red “PROTECTED” LED illuminates when the internal surge protection is functioning correctly and a blue “GROUNDED” LED illuminates when the socket into which the T10 is connected is properly grounded. To protect and organize the line cords of the connected equipment, the T10 features a Cord Management Design.

Electrically, the T10 is rated at 1875 Watts, 125VAC/15A. Its Surge Protector circuit covers all three “legs” of the AC line. With a voltage-spike protection of 6KV and a clamping voltage of 330V, the Surge Protector can dissipate 2880 joules of energy. Surge protection is also provided for the Telephone/Modem, Network and “F” connectors. To prevent unwanted RMI/RFI noise from entering connected equipment, the T10 is engineered with a wideband Line Filter that will reduce noise up to 58dB from 150KHz to 100MHz. To ensure full protection and peace of mind, the Tributaries T10 has been granted 7 UL listings ranging from UL 1449 “Standard for Surge protection Devices” to UL 1283 “Standard for Electromagnetic Magnetic Interference Filters”.

The Tributaries T10 comes with a $25,000 Connected Equipment Warranty as well as a 3 year Parts & Labor Warranty.


Height (inches) No
Width (inches) No
Depth (inches) No
DLNA Certified No
outlets No
Voltage Regulation No


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