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In-Wall Speakers

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At one time I wished everyone could have gigantor speakers—tower speakers that would make sense only in a room with 12-foot tall ceilings occupied by [More...]

In-wall Speakers

In-wall Speakers

Is your home theater system in need of a good set of speakers that would deliver amplified sound without compromising the room's design? The In-Wall speakers available at Audiogurus were designed to deliver high definition sound within an aesthetic design. Get your own pair of wall speakers that can be conveniently mounted in your wall or ceiling to keep the same sleek appearance as your flat screen television. In-wall / In-Ceiling speakers are the perfect solution for those who don’t have a lot of shelf or floor space for traditional speakers. Audiogurus can help you find the right in-wall speakers for building the perfect speaker system offering top brands like MartinLogan, Atlantic Technology, Klipsch and more.