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MartinLogan SW2RD

Wireless Subwoofer Receiver

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Add wireless capability to a second MartinLogan subwoofer

If you already have a subwoofer with a MartinLogan wireless transmitter connected to your home theater receiver, the SW2-RD is a great way to add a second sub to your system. Just connect this receiver to the LFE input of your second subwoofer and enjoy the freedom wireless transmission provides. With a range of up to 40 feet, you'll have more placement options to help you enjoy powerful bass to add depth to movies and music.

The SW2-RD receiver includes an AC adapter for power. Be sure to plug it into a quality power protection device to protect your equipment from damaging surges.

Requires the MartinLogan wireless transmitter for use. If you're looking for a complete wireless kit with a receiver and transmitter, check out the MartinLogan SW2-TRD wireless subwoofer adapter kit.


  • wireless receiver for use with powered subwoofers
  • compatible with any brand of subwoofer with mono or stereo RCA inputs
  • wireless range: up to 40 feet
  • 16-bit/48kHz resolution/sampling rate
  • operates on 2.4GHz wireless band
  • includes AC adapter
  • warranty: 3 years (with product registration)
  • Requires the MartinLogan wireless subwoofer transmitter.


Replacement Receiver: The SWT-2 is a replacement wireless receiver for MartinLogain's SWT-2 wireless receiver/transmitter package (839SW2TRD, sold separately).

Uncompressed Audio Signal: MartinLogan engineers designed the SWT-2 with an uncompressed 16-bit/48-kHz sampling rate (exceeding the current CD standard of 16-bit/44.1-kHz), which proved more than adequate for use in the wireless transmission of low-frequency information below 200 Hz. And since the RF transmission is digital it is error-checked to ensure no deviation from the original signal.

2.4GHz Frequency Range: The SWT-2 operates in the 2.4GHz frequency range. Often, users of wireless technology complain about interference from other noise sources in the room (i.e. wireless local area networks, portable phones on the same frequency, even microwave ovens). MartinLogan engineers included an integrated RF power amplifier that provides a 15 dBm RF power level to reduce interference. Stray RF interference is also reduced through use of Adaptive FHSS operation.

40' Range: In a typical room situation, the SWT-2 receiver has a maximum unobstructed operating range of 40' (12.5m) depending on placement of course. If desired, its compact dimensions allow it to fit neatly into an audio/video rack.

RCA Connectors: The wireless receiver is fitted with stereo RCA jacks. The receiver plugs into the sub or LFE input on your powered subwoofer via stereo RCA (cable not included).

AC Power Adapter: The SWT-2 receiver includes an AC power adapter which will need to be plugged into an AC wall outlet.

  • Input: 100-240V 60/50Hz, 1.5A
  • Output: 5V-1A



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Height (inches) No
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