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Marantz PM7005

2 Channel Digital Integrated Amplifier with USB PCM & DSD Playback

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Lift the veil off your favorite analogue and digital sources with the Marantz PM7005 integrated stereo amplifier. Featuring a high current discrete power output stage with current feedback, the PM7005 is also equipped with their exclusive HDAM technology, employing proprietary circuit modules with discrete components that deliver ultra-wideband response and fast slew rate.

The versatile PM7005 features multiple analogue and digital inputs, including optical and coaxial digital inputs along with a USB-B 2.0 for direct connection to computer high resolution digital audio sources. Featuring the reference-class Cirrus CS4398 high resolution DAC (also found on Marantz reference disc players and amplifiers), the PM7005 can decode high resolution digital audio files up to 24 bits and 192 kHz. It's also compatible with DSD 2.8 MHz and 5.6 MHz high resolution files, and the asynchronous USB-B port also features jitter removal for the most pristine sound quality.

There are multiple analogue inputs, including an MM phono input and dual recording inputs and outputs. The Source Direct function bypasses the balance and tone controls, shortening the signal path, and Analog mode disables the digital circuitry when listening to analogue sources.

Current Feedback Discrete Power Amplifier
Instead of employing conventional voltage-based feedback in the power amp section, the PM7005 features current feedback that delivers excellent fidelity and low distortion. The amp section consists of all discrete circuitry (no op-amps), and features high current discrete power output devices that provide high instantaneous peak current capability. The PM7005 is rated at 60 watts per channel into 8 ohm loads and 80 watts per channel into 4 ohm loads.

Equipped with dual master clocks for the digital-to-analog conversion function, the PM7005 also features a fully-enclosed and shielded digital audio block to prevent interference between the analogue and digital audio sections.

Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module
The PM7005 features the latest HDAM-SA3 (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) components, which consist of matched precision discrete selected circuit elements on a compact sub-board, instead of conventional op-amp integrated circuits. HDAM modules are used in the phono amp/equalizer block, the digital audio block and in the power amplifier block. The latest generation Marantz HDAM-SA3 modules provide a full 10 dB of signal-to-noise improvement over earlier HDAM versions, along with ultra wide-band response (100 kHz, -3 dB) for crystal clear treble detail.

Versatile Remote Control Options
Equipped with remote control input and output jacks, the PM7005 lets you connect via your Marantz player and/or your Marantz network audio player so you can place the amplifier in a cabinet out of sight and have it remotely controlled along with the disc and network audio players with a single remote control, which helps to reduce component clutter. The elegant remote control includes dedicated buttons for a Marantz disc player and a Marantz network audio player.


Height (inches) 4.92"
Width (inches) 17.32"
Depth (inches) 14.92"
DLNA Certified No
Optical Digital Inputs -
Optical Digital Outputs -
Coaxial Digital Inputs -
Coaxial Digital Outputs -
Audyssey -
AirPlay No
HDMI Standby Passthrough No
USB Front/Rear 1
Component Video Inputs -
Component Video Outputs -
Channels -
Watts Per Channel -
HDMI Inputs No
HDMI Outputs No


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