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19 comments on “Using a Speaker Selector Switch for Whole Home Audio

  1. Bubba Jones

    I have a Yamaha rx-v470 receiver and a Niles sps – 6. But I have 8 speaker pairs in my house. Can I buy a second speaker selector and hook it up to the “B” zone on my receiver? Then, can I play both A & B zones at once without damaging anything?

    • Just understand that you don’t get extra power out of that “B” side. What you would be doing is essentially connecting a total of two impedance-matching switches to an impedance matching switch in your AV receiver (three total). It “should” be able to sort itself out, but the bottom line is that you are asking a LOT out of that RX-V470. It’s not designed to drive that many speakers, and my guess is that it will be short-lived as a result. You may want to save up for a true multi-channel amplifier to better handle the load. Something like this:


      Additionally, a true Zone 2 AV receiver will give you the ability to play a discrete audio source in the rest of your house while the main zone does something else. Great for sports nights when the rest of the home doesn’t want to hear the game. 🙂

    • Mark

      I am using a Tivoli SBX4vc 4 channel selector, my amp is a Yamaha RXV-1400.My question is am i losing ohms and performance with this combination?

  2. So if I’m going to have individual room volume controls, I shouldn’t use a speaker selector that also has volume controls. But it’s still OK to use a matrix selector that does the impedance matching?

    And is there a distribution amp that will take speaker-level ouput from my amp, as it’s too far from my amp to my wiring closet to run low-level audio cables (I’m assuming it would pick up hum at that distance, about 40 feet)?

    • Correct n your first point. By nature, a distribution amplifier is going to want line level (non-amplified) signal. I don’t think you’ll get hum at 40 feet unless you’re running it right alongside a power line. Go ahead and shop for a traditional multi-channel distribution amp and wire it up.

  3. Mike Davidson

    If I choose a speaker selector with volume controls, the Master Volume of the receiver will still raise and lower the volume of all speakers/zones, just at a different level depending on the volume set at the switch level, correct?

  4. Ferry

    A question to y’all out there: I bought a Denon AVR-X520BT (5.2 system) and I merely want to use it for playing music. Of course, it doesn’t have multi zone capabilities but I wonder if I could set up a 2.1 stereo speaker system to listen to music in my living room and use the surround LR channels to listen to the same music in the patio area? I’m ordering Elac Debut B6 speakers for use in the living room and Yamaha NS-AW390 speakers to enjoy the music in the patio. I thought of buying a speaker selector switch to divide the front channels but I’m not sure whether I’ll get the level of volume desired whenever I throw a party. Can anyone give me an advice?


  5. fishman

    i have installed a speaker selector switch on my stereo
    i want to install a subwoofer
    i dont have a output for a sub in the amp
    can i plug the sub just like the standard speaker
    the sub has no amp
    if the sub did have a power amp would there be a problem because i dont have independant volume controls on selector
    the sub would be 8 ohms like the rest of my speakers
    i have a pre amp + amp cofiguration
    if you have a better set up to my questions go ahead

  6. Tim

    I have an old sonance db4 selector; why does it have an “input” set of speaker wire attachments, AND an “output” set of speaker wire attachments, in addition to speaker 1,2,3,4 output attachments?

  7. Deb

    Clint – I have a Denon AVR-X1200W AV receiver and none ceiling mounted Polk RCi series speakers. With my current set-up, I get sound from all 9 speakers. I am trying to add a Niles SSVC-6 speaker selector to my system, but when I transfer the cables (which are all correctly labeled for +/- as well as rooms and work perfectly through the receiver), I get NO sound. Help! What am I doing wrong? This seems like a very straight-forward and simple task…Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Darren

      I have a Denon receiver also and am experiencing the same issues that you described.
      We’re you able to figure it out? If yes, can you please tell me how you fixed the problem?
      Thank you.

  8. Mike

    Have a 2 zone onkyo 7.1 receiver (with a powered zone 2)and I want to power 3 pair of 2 stereo speakers, Should i split (using a quality speaker selector) the main output 3 times and not use the receivers’ powered zone 2 OR split it twice and use zone 2 OR not split the main and split the zone 2 twice? Thanks

  9. Mike

    I’m looking for a zone controll amp that you can feed multiple inputs (preferably more than 2 ) it can be consumer grade as keeping the price low is a requirement. I would like it to be able to direct any one of the audio inputs to any of the speaker zones.

    Do you have any advice as to where I could look ? Websites , company’s, make and model of a specific unit ?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers !

  10. marsh

    On moving to a new house the last owner has 6 upstairs stereo ceiling speakers and healso left 3 x SS30 QED speaker switches . I was thinking of feeding this using a Yamaha Network Receiver RN402 using its A+B outputs . A to QEDSS30 1 and B to QEDSS30 2.
    and then being able to run all 6 with the same source . do you see any issue with this setup ( before I splash out on the Yamaha ).

    I also thought about using a Car Audio unit with Front output and rear output in a similar way to A+B

    advice appreciated

  11. terry waller

    i have a yamaha rx-v2095, wanting to hook to my osd 6 place zone box 2 amp inlet and volume controls, i have a very large room,wish to hook all 6 pr. in same room, is this poss. with this amp?

  12. Rich

    I’m currently using an old speaker switch to distribute sound to 4 pairs of speakers in my house. My main speakers are a pair of standing B&W’s in my living room. I’m in the market for a new integrated amplifier. Will the switch decrease the quality of sound, even if I just listen using my main B&W’s?

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