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11 comments on “Setting Speaker Levels & Distance

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  2. B Hurd

    Sound moves at 340 meters per second. Speaker distance settings to the tenth of a foot is unimportant. You’ll never hear a delay. Speaker perceived volume with speakers that are not placed equidistant on the other hand, is significant. If you don’t want to go out and buy a SPL meter, you should be able to adjust to your taste without too much trouble by understanding 3db is the smallest perceived change in volume you can hear. If one speaker is further away, decrease the other a small amount. In general, always reduce gain when possible.

    • Brad1138

      “3db is the smallest perceived change in volume you can hear”

      That is incorrect. 1 db is supposed to be the smallest you can hear. I can notice 1/2 db though. 3 db is what you get from doubling amplifier power. A 10 fold increase in power (ie 10 to 100 watts) gets you a 10 db difference. 3db is very easy to hear.

  3. Amjath

    Hey there,

    I sit on the center hall and set the distance of each speakers but what I don’t understand is in order to set the preferred 75DB, should the volume level be low or in full? Thanks!

  4. arun kumar

    I want to install music system in community park. Can I use wireless speakers to be fixed on 12 pillars in park covering 1000 sq.ft. area.

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