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One comment on “What is DTS-HD and DTS-HD Master Audio?

  1. Anthony The Koala

    I have played a BD movie with 5.1 DTS-MA through both the optical output to a processor, a combined processor/amplifier. The processor automiatically decoded a dts stream. I played the same movie whose player’s hdmi output went to an LPCM 7.1 decoder, like the Cypress CLUX-11SA or A3830A sold by Altronics (Australia). In this situation,

    I understand to output LPCM via HDMI, the BD player converts the (compressed) DTS-MA stream to an uncompressed LPCM stream in order for the LPCM decoder to decode the stream.

    A couple of questions please based on your article.
    * Generally, when the BD player players DTS-5.1 MA, does the BD player pick up both the high ‘detailed’ information as well as the core ‘dvd’ quality information.
    * Related to the first question. When the BD player plays the DTS-5.1 MA stream, through the optical (SPDIF) does the player just pick up the “core” 5.1 stream but discard the high resolution information.
    * Similarly, I played a BD movie with a Dolby HD track. Is there the same principle of Dolby HD having a core stream ‘dvd’ quality and a high resolution stream. Again when I play the movie through the optical to a processor/amplifier, it is able to detect that it is Dolby digital.
    * This is a question on perception of audio quality. I cannot perceive any difference in quality between optical audio which is dvd quality and HDMI audio lpcm. Or what am I supposed to perceive. For example should I use the Disney World of Wonder BD disk which is a test disk full of test sounds and test images. What attention should I pay in order to say, “…yes, there is a perceptible difference between dvd quality audio from the optical and HD audio via the HDMI….”

    Thank you,
    Anthony from Sydney Australia

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