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IQ Audio M300

Mono Block Amplifier

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The IQ M300 Mono Block. The next generation of class-D amplifiers. A 300-watt tour de force design that establishes a new benchmark in class-d amplifiers. The IQ M300 has delicate detailing, from a quite black background, with powerful punch and slam, with dimensional imagery. It can drive any loudspeaker with the control, power, and finesse required to bring music’s dynamics and subtle details to life. There is a difference, and you can hear it.

The IQ M300 is very musical, yet with a clean, clear, fast, and refined sound reproduction. Overall, serious amplifiers for serious listeners. In a world full of choices, IQ strives to design and manufacture products that set them apart. The IQ M300 features a beautiful seamless extrusion enclosure, with machined aluminum top and bottom panels. The extrusion mounting holes are created using CNC machines, and all chassis printing is done via laser. This ensures absolute precision of every component of the IQ M300 enclosure. Overall, a stunning aluminum enclosure with superb fit and finish.

IQ is an engineering driven company, and firmly believes in rigorous and accurate amplifier power specifications. It is the IQ position that the really only true and accurate amplifier power specification is FTC continuous sine wave power. 

Power specifications:

  • 150-watts into 8-ohms & 300-watts into 4-ohms
  • FTC continuous sine wave, at less the 0.02% at any frequency, 20hz to 20Khz.

These amplifiers deliver pristine clarity, natural tonality, and expansive and precise imaging with powerful and accurate bass with rhythm and slam.

At only $1,495 per pair, the IQ M300 is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America.




Color -
Height (inches) 3.25
Width (inches) 7.75
Depth (inches) 7.75


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