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Auralex SubDude Subwoofer Flotation Device

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Retail Price: $59.95


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  • Using Speaker Cloth Fabric for Loudspeakers
  • Room Acoustics for Recording Studios



The SubDude™ is a subwoofer, speaker or amp riser that is incredibly effective at reducing or eliminating resonance transfer. This increased isolation results in a purity of tone that truly needs to be heard. Stop unwanted room resonance easily through the implementation of this highly cost-effective platform. Utilizing our proprietary Platfoam, the SubDude™ is sure to give you the extra isolation you need.


  • Made of 1/2” MDF covered with black ozite and supported by two Platfoam runners surrounding a Studiofoam center strip
  • Decouples sound source from the floor, resulting in greater audibility and clarity
  • Helps improve sound transmission loss
  • Tighten and increase sonic detail of your source. Hear more clarity and consistency of low frequencies and effects
  • Lightweight, portable riser with convenient handle preinstalled
  • One standard size fits most speaker configurations


  • Live sound and residential theater subwoofers, under stage monitors, under DJ turntables, under guitar amps and bass amps
  • Great for Recording Studios, Residential Theaters, Houses of Worship, and club gigs


  • Decking: 15” x 15” x 0.5”
  • Platfoam: 4” x 15” x 2”


  • Place one or more SubDudes under your speaker cabinets

Weight Limitations:

  • Max weight of 300 lbs.


Color -
Height (inches) No
Width (inches) No
Depth (inches) No


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