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Auralex SonoSuede HT Acoustic Panel System

System includes eight red 1" thick trapezoidal square-edged panels + four black 2" thick back-beveled panels

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Retail Price: $1,399.00


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As home theater audio and video technology continues to evolve, sound control solutions must continue to meet greater acoustical demands while concurrently maintaining aesthetic appeal. The Auralex® SonoSuede HT™ is a cost-effective and complete do-it-yourself room treatment system ideal for home theater applications. The synthetic suede fabric panels provide the acoustical performance and visual allure that are critical in today’s home theaters.

The SonoSuede HT System consists of four, 2” thick back-beveled panels predominantly used in the corners of a room to control low frequency anomalies, and eight 1” thick trapezoidal square-edged panels used for taming reflected sound, providing a total of 54 ft² of coverage.

The SonoSuede HT System’s unique mounting blocks provide additional acoustical benefits by allowing the customer to easily space the panels from the wall. The SonoSuede HT System’s distinctive design offers a multitude of decorative options.

Available in two standard color combinations (Black/Red or Brown/Tan). Custom colors available by special order.

SonoSuede HT Systems Product Specifications
Overall NRC NOTE: NRCs vary due to the mounting method - see table below
Thickness (8) 1" S3TZ (L&R) and (4) 2" S3CT
Edge Square-edged S3TZ (L&R) & back-beveled S3CT
Fire Rating Class A


Color -
Height (inches) No
Width (inches) No
Depth (inches) No


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