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Atlantic Technology WA 5030 REC

Wireless Amp Receiver System

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Add wireless capability to any unit in your system -instantly!

If you want music in another room but don't want the hasle of running speaker wire wiring to the remote location, the the WA-5030 wireless amplified system is for you!

The WA-5030 System wirelessly transmits a stereo audio signal from one location to a dedicated wireless stereo 30 watt per channel amplifier/receiver. The amplifier/receiver is then connected to any general purpose loudspeaker and viola! Music in another room-instantly-without complicated expensive wiring runs! The WA-5030 has a range up to 50 meters; 100 meters if it's line-of-sight. 

The WA-5030 System will allow up to 2 additional WA5030- REC receivers to operate off a single WA-50-t transmitter with 3 different zone settings. It comes with its own remote control so that on-off and volume functions can be performed in the remote location independent of the main system

You must purchase the WA-5030-SYS to use additional WA-5030 REC.



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