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250ft RG6 Dual Shield Coaxial Cable Installation Kit

Everything needed for installing cable for television and satellite

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Product Features
The RG6 Coax Installation Kit includes everything you need to complete a basic cable run in one convenient package. Wire your home theater, bedrooms and kitchen for cable TV, antenna or satellite quickly and easily. The kit includes 250 feet of RG-6/U cable, a coax cutter, a coax stripper, a crimping tool and 10 hex crimp F-type connectors. Having the right tools at hand will simplify the task and give you professional results.

Package Contents:
  • One #43060 - 250ft RG-6/U, 75 Ohm coaxial cable that has 60% aluminum braid over foil to provide 100% shield coverage. Plus, it is sweep tested to 3GHz.
  • One #38012 - Coax Cable Cutter
  • One #04627 - Coax Cable Stripper
  • One #38010 - Coax Crimping Tool
  • One #41081 - Package of 10 crimp-style F-type coax connectors
Product Specifications
Warranty: 90 Days
Color: Various
Size: 250ft
Mfr: Impact Acoustics
Weight: 11.7lbs


Color -
Height (inches) No
Width (inches) No
Depth (inches) No


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